As operator, Serica has driven down costs and increased production

Bruce, Keith & Rhum

Serica is owner and operator of the Bruce (98%), Keith (100%) and Rhum (50%) assets consisting of over 25 wells, three bridge-linked platforms and extensive subsea pipelines and infrastructure that tie-in Rhum, Keith and the Western Area of Bruce to the Bruce facilities. Collectively, these assets provide a significant contribution to the UK gas demands and are estimated to contain net 2P reserves of 50.9 mmboe as of 01.01.21, of which more than 80% is gas.

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Bruce, Keith, Rhum

Bruce, Keith & Rhum


Partners: Serica (operator) 98%, BP 1%, Total 1%

The Bruce gas field is a late life asset located in blocks 9/9a, 9/8a and 9/9b in the
Northern North Sea.

  • Producing via 21 wells with average production of around 9,600 boepd net to Serica in 2020
  • Gas exported via the Frigg pipeline to the St Fergus terminal and liquids exported via the Forties Pipeline System
  • Comprised of three linked platforms:
    • Production Utilities Quarters Platform with quarters for crew (max. 168 persons)
    • Drilling Platform
    • Compression/Reception Platform which hosts reception and compression facilities


Partners: Serica (operator) 100%

The Keith oil field is located in block 9/8a in the Northern North Sea, 6.4 km to the southwest of Bruce. The well was shut in for most of 2020, but it has been reinstated during 2021.

  • Single well subsea tie-back to Bruce
  • Produced from a single well with average production of ~10 boepd net to Serica in 2020


Partners: Serica (operator) 50%, IOC (UK) Limited 50%

The Rhum gas field is located in block 3/29a, 44km north of Bruce and is a subsea development tied back to the Bruce platform via an insulated pipeline. Rhum is a strategic UK gas asset with significant upside potential.

  • Two producing wells, R-1 and R-2, with average production around 11,900 boepd net to Serica in 2020
  • High quality reservoir displaying ‘tank’ characteristics
  • High pressure, high temperature reservoir
Bruce, Keith & Rhum Locator

BKR Net 2P Reserves
as at 01.01.21

~50.9 mmboe

>80% gas

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