Legal Disclaimer

Although Serica makes all reasonable efforts to maintain the accuracy of the contents of this website, it relies on third parties for some of the information provided and does not accept any liability for information that is found to be incomplete, inaccurate or out of date. Serica reserves the right to restrict access to the website or to change product or service specifications or data at any point.

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To comply with regulations governing listed companies, both in the UK and in Canada, Serica does not provide individual shareholders with information that is not available to shareholders as a whole and does not give any information, advice, guidance or direction in response to any individual enquiry beyond that which is in the public domain by releases through stock exchange channels and that which is available on this website.

Enquiries from shareholders should be addressed in writing to the CEO, and sent by mail or by email to the addresses set out in the ‘Contact us’ section of this website. 

False employment offers warning

Please be aware that certain organisations may be offering false employment opportunities with Serica Energy and/or its associated companies.

These offers may request the potential employee to provide personal details such as bank account and passport numbers. In addition, the job offer may require the candidate to make a payment to process immigration and entry clearance formalities.

The individuals responsible for these offers have no connection with Serica Energy and should be ignored.

Serica Energy only makes a job offer following a formal interview and will never request money or credit card details from potential employment candidates.

We urge anyone who has received a Serica job offer via email in this way not to divulge any personal details or make any payments and to report the incident to the publication, website or agency carrying the initial advertisement and the authorities. Please also feel free to contact Serica Energy at if in any doubt.